Our Contributors

Thank you to all who make the mission of OMP possible!

*Donations from December 1, 2017 through September 15, 2018

Platinum Baton Associates ($10,000+)

Nonnie Cole
Mira Frohnmayer and Sandy Sweet
William Rumple
Martha Steward
Louise Wade

Bronze Baton Associates ($1,000–$1,999)

Dorothy Anderson John and Linda Cummens

Brian and Nancy Davies
W. Mark and Anne Dean
Thomas and Karen Fincel
Linda Korth
Fred and Beth Maurer
Jeffrey Morey and Gail Harris
James and Paula Salerno
Jonathan and Molly Stafford
Raymond and Catharine Staton
Steve and Elaine Webster
Jerome and Judy Vergamini


Partner ($100–$249)

Michael Anderson and Alice Blankenship
Roman Anderson
Janet Ashcraft
Fred and Sandra Austin
Howard Bonnett and Judith Horstmann
James and Joanna Branvold
Gary Bricher
Gary and Carole Chenkin

Linda Danielson
Diane Dugaw

Larissa Ennis and Lindsay Braun
Oliver Fein and Charlotte Phillips
Margot Fetz
Ann and David Fidanque
Beata Galda
John Hannah and Mary Brooner
Joanne and Philip Hartwig
John E. Heintz

Kelly Johnson
Jack and Susan Kauble
Sue Keene
Judith Knight
Richard Leinaweaver and Connie Bennett

Lewis Luchs
Robert Maurer
Josh and Sarah McCoy
Heather McClure
Pamela McClure-Johnston
Gretchen Miller
Loretta Morgan
Raymond Morse
and Phyllis Helland
Katherine Moyer

Stephen L. Myers
Douglas Pierce and Cynthia Secrest
Helmut Plant
Michael and Judy Ponichtera
Robert Ponto
Sally Ross
Zach Ruhl
Eva Safar

Hatsue Sato
Anne and Jeff Sharman
Phoebe Staples
Margaret Steele

Roz Stein
James and Marilyn Tandrow
Lucy Vinis
Marie Vitulli and Sarah Douglas
William Waddel
Christina Wesely


Gold Baton Associates ($5,000–$9,999)

Anonymous Donor
Margaret Gontrum
David Guy
Jenny Jonak and Mike Bragg
Martha Steward

Concertmaster's Circle ($500–$999)

Anonymous Donor

Anonymous Contributor

Robert and Laoni Davis
Carl Michael Burkhardt
Scott Ricker and Mary Gleason-Ricker
Eliza Schmidkunz and Glen Gibbons
Richard Romm and Norm Purdy
Craig A. Starr and Dr. Sandra Scheetz
Richard and Sonny Tromel
Susan and Wayne Weidmann
James and Sally Weston

Patron (UP TO $100)

Florence Alvergue
William and Cheryl Baugh
Karrin and Ted Calhoun

Jen Dygert
Marilla Gedge
Kelly Heffner
Patricia Hoover
Jill Hubbard and William Griffiths
Roger Irvin
Timothy Jenkins
Darry Maticia
Jo Mazzarella
Keith and Mary McDougal
Jeff and Rosemarie Ostler
Otto and Sharon Poticha
Richard and Janet Reed
Edie Roberts
Sheila Roth Rosenbloom
Arlen and Patricia Salthouse
Shirley Shiffman
Richard Smyer
Norma Sylwester
Elinor Tucker
Dralyn van Ness
Phyllis Villec
Virginia Vincent
Red Wagner


Silver Baton Associates ($2,000–$4,999)

Anonymous Contributor
Carol Crumlish
Sylvia Giustina
Theodore and Laramie Palmer
Peter and Josephine von Hippel

Charles and Leslie Wright

Marguerite Zolman

Artist's Circle ($250–$499)

John Bredesen
John and Toni Brown
James and Mary Casey
Barbara Cookson
David and Mary Fountain
Jack Hart and Karen Artiaco
Ron and Cecelia Head
Grace Ho

Robert and Elsie Kaiser
Anne Niemiec and David Kolb

Joyce and Harold Owen

Elizabeth and Klaus Putjenter
Nancy Raymond
Bernie and Diane Robe
Victoria Skellcerf
Kenneth and Kathleen Springate
William and Virginia Starling

Delmar Storment
John and Linda van Peenen
Robert Voss and Patricia Braunlich


In Memoriam & Recognition Gifts

In Memory of Win Calkins – Charles and Leslie Wright

In Memory of Paul Cole – Nonnie Cole

In Memory of Peter Gontrum – Peter and Josephine von Hippel

In Memory of Robert Hurwitz – Dorothy Louise Dougher, John E. Heintz, Theodore and Laramie Palmer, and Mary G. Perry

In Memory of Scott Meisner – Gretchen Miller and Sarah Hendrickson

In Memory of Truman Moyer – Katherine Moyer

In Memory of Peter Roberts – John E. Heintz

In Memory of Jeri Starr – Craig A. Starr and Sandra L. Scheetz

In Memory of Maria Storment – Delmar Storment and Robert W. Blue

In Memory of Charles S. Tuesday – Jean Tuesday

In Honor of Larissa Ennis – Heather McClure

In Honor of Mira Frohnmayer and Sandy Sweet’s Marriage -
Ann Marie Frohnmayer, Marilla Gedge, Dick  Koch, and Sarah Warner

In Honor of Mr. Marmot and Mrs. Marmette – Jeffrey Morey and Gail Harris

In Honor of Charles Wright, Steve Webster, Jenny Jonak, Kelly Kuo, and Sharon Smith – Theodore and Laramie Palmer

In Honor of Steve Webster – Sheila Roth Rosenbloom

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