Our Concert Experience


Key Notes

Before each of our concerts, we host a talk called Key Notes to dive deeper into the history and available anecdotes surrounding the music you'll be hearing during the performance. These talks are hosted by our Artistic Director, Kelly Kuo, or another musical expert who will help guide you on your upcoming musical journey.

For Beall Hall concerts, Key Notes begins at 6:45 p.m. and is held in Room 163 at the School of Music and Dance, which is located adjacent to the concert hall, just on the left.

For our Candlelight Concerts in First Christian Church, Key Notes is held in the Sanctuary, also starting at 6:45 p.m.

During the Performance

If this is your first time at a classical music performance, welcome! We're excited that you've joined us, and hope you enjoy the experience! We know that, oftentimes, there can be confusion about what to do and when, so here are a few guidelines that we hope you find useful, newcomers and experienced concert attendees alike:

  • First of all, enjoy the concert! Listen to the sounds you're hearing, soak up the melodies and feel the rhythms of the music. Whether you're here for the first time or a seasoned concertgoer, there is something for everyone to appreciate in the performance.

  • Some people find it helpful to listen to the music ahead of time, which is why you'll find Spotify playlists on our What You’ll Hear page. We also provide extensive program notes in the program book you'll receive at the concert so you can get a little background information on the music you're hearing. However, deep background knowledge of the music certainly isn't a necessity for enjoyment of the concert.

  • You may wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. While many people choose to dress up when attending a concert, there is no "dress code" to which you must adhere (although, OMP staff and musicians - as well as your fellow audience members - do prefer that everyone wear clothes).

  • Please do turn off your cell phones and pagers. The pinging of a cell phone is distracting to both the performers and your fellow audience members. Please also refrain from using your cell phone, as the bright glow of the screen can also be a distraction. Besides, it's nice to unplug every once in a while, and a concert provides the perfect opportunity for doing so.

  • Please be mindful of opening loud candy wrappers and conversations during the performance. While we encourage you to talk about the aspects of the performance you enjoyed with your fellow concertgoers, please do keep in mind that conversations can be distracting to those around you, so the time between pieces and at intermission is likely the best time to chat with your fellow concertgoers.

  • The issue of "when to clap" seems to be one that causes much concern and consternation among concertgoers. Generally, the audience should clap at the ends of pieces rather than at the ends of individual movements; however, you should not be shunned if you clap at the wrong time because you were enthusiastically enjoying the music you were hearing.

  • If you are a more experienced concertgoer and see someone who is new, please be kind and welcoming.

  • After the concert, if you still have questions about what you were hearing on stage, we warmly invite you to our post-concert reception. OMP is all about the up-close-and-personal experience, and it's an opportunity for you to talk directly with our musicians and staff about what you were hearing!


after the finale: Post-concert reception

After the concert, we treat our patrons (you!) to a post-concert reception that usually features fresh fruits and vegetables, along with desserts and other snacks from local businesses. It is entirely free for all concertgoers, and we encourage you to come partake in good company, food, and chat with our musicians!