We need your support! Two-thirds of OMP funding comes from donations and grants - and half of that comes from people just like you. It's easy to show your support for community-based classical music and our educational programs, and we are supported by many donors at all levels of giving. 

If you would like to donate online using your credit card, you can do so below through Donorbox. We are also able to take your Visa or Mastercard over the phone at (541) 345-6648.

Or Contribute by mailing a check to:

Oregon Mozart Players

1590 Willamette Street, Suite 300

Eugene, OR 97401

Did You Know?

Not just a charitable deduction, your gift to Oregon Mozart Players may entitle you to a valuable tax credit under terms of the Oregon Cultural Trust. If you match the total you give to Oregon Mozart Players with a gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust, you receive 100% of your donation to the trust as a cultural tax credit on your tax return, to double the impact of your giving.*

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*OCT Tax Credits are limited; to learn more, please visit the Oregon Cultural Trust website.



OMP is supported by an active group of volunteers, and we're always happy to welcome more! There are many ways in which you can help, depending on your time and interests, including ushering and helping us with volunteer events. If you'd like to lend your helping hands, and meet some other wonderful people like yourself, please call the OMP office at (541) 345-6648.