Kelly Kuo, conductor | Molly Barth, flute; Min Xiao-Fen, pipa

Franz Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 64 in A Major – “Tempora Mutantur”
Zhou Tian: Viaje for Flute and Strings
          Molly Barth, flute
Kevin Lau: Artemis
Daniel Schnyder: Concerto for Pipa
          Min Xiao-Fen, pipa
Our season opens with a bold program of works reflecting the adage to which Haydn alludes in his spirited Symphony No. 64: “The times change, and we change with them.” Grammy award-winning flutist, Molly Barth, ushers in the changing times with Zhou Tian’s Viaje for Flute and Strings and genre-breaking performer Min Xiao-Fen forges new paths in Daniel Schnyder’s Concerto for Pipa, a stunning showcase for the Chinese lute. Kevin Lau’s Artemis, a musical portrait of the Greek goddess of the hunt, rounds out this audacious program.